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2016 Oppenlander Vineyard | 2016 Nash Mill Vineyard | 2017 Mendocino County

$110.00 3-Pack
($36.67 / bottle)

2018 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir | 2017 Estate Pinot Noir

$60.00 2-Pack
($30.00 / bottle)

Flavors of dark cherries and blackberries interplay with purple violets, anise, and black tea.

$30.00 / bottle

A rich and spicy wine with black cherries, plum, nutmeg, clove, and anise, with tannin structure.

$49.00 / bottle

Fine tannin texture with notes of cranberry and brown spice in the finish.

$27.97 / bottle

This juicy Pinot from near the top of the SLH bench shows the classic fruit of the AVA.

$49.00 / bottle

Traditional method. Aromas of rhubarb and strawberry with a yeasty backbone..

$39.97 / bottle

Black cherry, black tea, and forest floor aromas expose a polished and poised dark raspberry.

$24.00 / bottle
2016 Majestic White Oak Pinot Noir Bottle
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Regal | Forest Floor | Red Pepper | Wild Blackberry

Regal | Forest Floor | Red Pepper | Wild Blackberry

$65.00 / bottle

Classic Finger Lakes Pinot Noir with layers of strawberry fruit, truffle notes and a little clove.

$26.00 / bottle

Soft gold / yellow in color displaying aromas of honeysuckle, vanilla shortbread and ripe pear.

$24.00 / bottle

A bottle each of our 2018 Willamette Valley, Crawford Beck, & Meredith Mitchell Vineyard Pinot noir

$110.00 3-Pack
($36.67 / bottle)

Classic Pinot Noir aromas, strawberry, earthy, red cherry pie, soft red plums.

$60.00 / bottle

Traditional method. Aromas of ripe strawberry and cherry with hints of Thai basil.

$39.97 / bottle

A rich and silky Pinot Noir with bright acidity and soft tannins and aromas of Plum and Cherry.

$40.00 / bottle