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Vaughn Duffy Sampler Three Pack Bottle
Vaughn Duffy Wines

Vaughn Duffy Sampler Three Pack

2018 North Coast Old River Red | 2018 Sauvignon Blanc Hopkins Ranch | 2018 Pinot Noir Russian River

2018 North Coast Old River Red
Our Red Blend drew inspiration from grape varieties that have a long history in California. Zinfandel, Carignane and Charbono have all been characterized as both work horses and blend enhancers over the years. The Carignane is the soul of this blend, providing fruit, spice and soul to the wine. The Zinfandel’s red berry fruit and silky tannins keep things round and mellow. And the Charbono provide color and structure for depth and long-term aging.
45% Carignane, 38% Zinfandel, 17% Charbono

2018 Sauvignon Blanc Hopkins Ranch
Our Sauvignon Blanc offers vibrant aromas of jasmine, orange blossom, and floral notes. On the palate the wine enters with juicy acidity and follows with a broad mouthfeel and subtle creaminess. The flavors of pink grapefruit, lemon sherbet, and honeydew melon compliment this refreshing, balanced wine.

2018 Pinot Noir Russian River
Our 2018 version of this wine highlights the fruit intensity found in Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. The black cherry, red plum and baking spice aromatics hint at the fruit and spice interplay that dances on the palate. The silky texture opens up to flavors of strawberry preserves, cranberry and notes of savory fresh herbs.

Type: Variety Pack
Volume: 750ml
Vintage: 2018


$95.00 ($31.67 / bottle)
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It Takes a Forklift to Raise a Wine

It didn’t take long before we fell hard for Pinot Noir. We were living in San Francisco and Matt was working at Bacchus & Venus in Sausalito, right at the moment when the Sideways effect was propelling California Pinot Noir to new heights. After the drive home across the Golden Gate Bridge, he would usually arrive at our shoebox apartment with a leftover bottle or two from the day’s tastings. We would eat dinner and drink some incredible wines, and think about our future. Was it possible to one day make our own Pinot Noir?

Suddenly it was 2007 and we were engaged and driving a U-Haul to start a new life in Sonoma County. After an internship at Siduri, Matt began working at Vinify, a custom crush winery full of people who were living their winemaking dreams. It was an ambitious, contagious environment. The bug bit hard, and it was not long before we purchased our first ton of grapes.

Vaughn Duffy is now part of the boom of first-generation winemaking families in California. We feel lucky to be living in a time when hard work, creativity and a little help from your friends can trump the need for huge amounts of capital investment. Two kids who didn’t really know any better can now get their wine on the shelf next to the icons who inspired them to make wine in the first place. We invite you to be a part of the journey ahead.

All the best,
Matt Duffy & Sara Vaughn