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Ser Variety Pack 1 Bottle
Ser Winery
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Ser Winery | Santa Cruz, CA

Ser Variety Pack 1

2017 Pinot Noir | 2019 Vermentino | 2017 Cabernet Pfeffer

2017 Pinot Noir, Tondre Grapefield
Aromas and flavors of plum and blackberry. Silky tannins with a rounded palate and long finish.

2019 Vermentino
Citrus, mineral with slight marine character define this wine. Dry with crisp acidity and a creamy mid palate.

2017 Cabernet Pfeffer, Wirz Vineyard
With aromas of cranberry and pomegranate and white pepper.

Type: Variety Pack
Volume: 750ml


$100.00 ($33.33 / bottle)
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Ser Winery | Santa Cruz, CA

Ser is an artisanal winery based out of Santa Cruz, CA, specializing in varietal, vineyard designate, old world style wines, produced in a natural way to allow the expression of their varietal character and the vineyards from which they are sourced.

Ser began its first vintage in 2012 with wines sourced from vineyards influenced by the Pacific Ocean. Cool climate, central coast vineyards including the appellations of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Cienega Valley, Santa Lucia Highlands and more recently Edna Valley are the primary sources of fruit.