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2019 Rosé Petillant Naturel Bottle
Patton Valley Vineyard
Patton Valley Vineyard Team
Patton Valley Vineyard | Tualatin Hills, Willamette Valley, OR

2019 Rosé Petillant Naturel

Fresh with strawberry, crème Chantilly, grapefruit Jarritos, rain on rocks

Our Estate Pinot Noir Rosé Pétillant Naturel continues to evolve, improve, and set the standard for bright, refreshing, and elegant wines produced in this wild and exciting category. This year, we’ve taken one more step to improve quality and consistency by adopting the Stelvin P closure for this wine. Designed especially to keep pressure in, air out, and the wine in its happy place, it assures us that our wine will arrive on your table exactly as we meant it to. Onward!

To make it, we take our lovely Estate Pinot noir, grown specifically to be rosé at the uppermost blocks of the vineyard, and let it sparkle. Once primary spontaneous fermentation slows, the wine is left to settle before racking off of its primary lees. At bottling, a small 23 g/l dosage of organic sugar is introduced and the few remaining yeast cells are left to provide the sparkle and lees-y feel as it turns into alcohol and CO2. Not disgorging makes it hazy but creates broader palate weight, pleasing textures, and balance throughout. This wine is best consumed in one sitting.

The 2019 is fresh with strawberry, crème Chantilly, grapefruit Jarritos, rain on rocks, and the kind-of dusty business that a roll of Necco wafers deposits on one’s hand. The sparkle is playful, and tickles the palate, while the fruit and pastry-like flavors gambol and entice like fireflies. As the wine ages in bottle, expect the palate to broaden, and the bakery elements to rise.

Type: Sparkling
Varietal: Pinot Noir
ABV: 12.2%
Volume: 750ml
Vintage: 2019
Cases Produced: 800


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Patton Valley Vineyard | Tualatin Hills, Willamette Valley, OR
Humble | Sustainable | Delicious
The farm is the heart of what we do, so we make it our duty to honor and protect it. Both Vineyard and Winery are certified sustainable by the third party verifier LIVE (low input viticulture and enology).

We make sustainable wine because it tastes better and it ensures that our work does no harm to the land, the people, or the greater community. An accumulation of small decisions in the vineyard and winery, from cover cropping to our long-standing commitment to screwcap closures keep us deeply engaged and actively making the purest wines possible.

B-Corp certified in 2017, Patton Valley joins a community of over 2000 businesses meeting the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance and accountability and aspires to use business to solve social and environmental problems.


When they purchased the property in 1995, Monte Pitt and Dave Chen had been dreaming of planting Pinot noir in Oregon for over 10 years. At the crest of the hill, the 72-acre abandoned hillside orchard, overlooking the Patton Valley, in the small and unlikely town of Gaston, would provide the perfect site for the original 24 acres of the Patton Valley Estate Vineyard.

Today, the vineyard is 30 acres of clonally-diverse Pinot noir, Gamay, and Chenin blanc and our mission remains unchanged; to responsibly and sustainably grow the Willamette Valley’s finest grapes, and make beautiful wines that reflect the character of the land and of the people who produce them.

Leading our efforts is our Winemaker and Vineyard Manager, Derek Einberger, who joined us in the summer of 2010. Becoming a co-owner in 2013, his style of production, from root to fruit to glass, mirrors that of the overarching ethic of Patton Valley: a light, but deliberate hand.