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FLX New Wave Variety Pack Bottle
Living Roots Wine & Co.
Living Roots Wine & Co. Team
Living Roots Wine & Co. | Finger Lakes, NY

FLX New Wave Variety Pack

2017 Riesling Traminette | 2019 Pét-Nat Sparkling Cayuga White | 2018 'Golden Bosc' Pinot Gris

2017 Finger Lakes Riesling Traminette
Floral and complex Riesling [62%] with citrus notes and zesty acidity, blended with Traminette [38%] for added perfume and spice. The ferment was stopping prior to finishing for an off-dry style, complementing the natural characteristics of these varieties.

2019 Finger Lakes Pét-Nat Sparkling Cayuga White
A funky, wine nerd-friendly conversation starter featuring a hybrid variety grown organically, fermented wild and finished off in bottle to create the natural bubbles. Zippy grapefruit and chalky characters shine alongside a rich, bone-dry palate.

2018 Finger Lakes 'Golden Bosc' Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris with bright aromatics, texture and spice, reminiscent of the Bosc Pear which is also grown locally. The cool climate of the Finger Lakes lends the region well to the rich and expressive style we were aiming for. With a relatively wet vintage, selective picking and hand-sorting ensured clean fruit, with a bit of 'noble rot' botrytis contributing to the body and rich flavors into the orange marmalade spectrum.

Type: Variety Pack
Volume: 750ml


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Living Roots Wine & Co. | Finger Lakes, NY
Living Roots Wine & Co. is a young urban winery in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York and a not-so-urban winery in the Adelaide Hills. Founded by husband and wife team Sebastian [an Adelaide, South Australia native] and Colleen [a Rochester, New York native] Hardy, the intercontinental label pays homage to family heritage while also branching out to new vineyards, styles and techniques. We source grapes from a number of growers, including both of our families, highlighting the natural strengths of each variety and climate through our wines from vastly different corners of the globe: the Finger Lakes and the regions surrounding Adelaide.