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2019 The Revolutionary Petit Verdot Bottle
Gonzales Wine Company
2019 The Revolutionary Petit Verdot Tasting Video
Gonzales Wine Company | Portland, OR

2019 The Revolutionary Petit Verdot

Medium-bodied and unique varietal with beautiful balance.

The 2019 expression of The Revolutionary is 100% Petit Verdot, a varietal that is largely underrepresented as a single varietal wine. At GWC, we love featuring delicious and lesser-known red varietals for you to fall in love with. These Washington-grown Petit Verdot grapes were fermented using wild yeast and aged in neutral oak for 10 months. With an herbaceous blueberry nose, a dried cranberry and plum palate, and wet stones and cherry finish, this wine is delicious alone or at your dinner table.
Type: Red Wine
ABV: 13.8%
Volume: 750ml
Vintage: 2019


$35.00 ($35.00 / bottle)
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Gonzales Wine Company works with heart and the firm belief that everyone should have access to quality wines. Not just Two-Buck Chuck—we’re talking elegant, old-world style wine delicious enough to enjoy alone, yet dynamic enough to pair with food.

Our wines are made naturally, with no added yeasts and minimal sulfur, in the heart of Santa Rosa. Because the most important work is done in the vineyard, Cristina works closely with the organic, sustainable vineyards of Northern California to raise fruit meeting her vision and specifications.