The Three of Cups Team

Lisa Swei Bio

Lisa Swei

Owner – wearer of many hats!

Lisa, a WA native, landed in high-tech after graduating with a Master’s of Library and Information Science (Librarian). After a few roles with various companies on both coasts, she landed at Microsoft where her and Mike meet for the first time. Lisa is a craftsman at heart and wanted to make something to sell that people enjoy and after a many nights of discussions, over wine (and a little whisky), a plan was created to start Three of Cups. Lisa manages the day-to-day operations, tasting room, compliance, marketing, and can tear down, clean and reassemble any piece of equipment in the winery at an impressive rate. Lisa’s palette keeps us food friendly with an eye on the future to ensure a classic but relative wine for the ever-changing tastes of wine drinkers.

Mike Metheny Bio

Mike Metheny

Co-Owner, Winemaker - on a journey!

Mike, also a WA native, started his career in manufacturing/aerospace after going to school in So Cal. In 1990 Mike was hired by Boeing and found himself back in the PNW were he started brewing beer at home with co-workers. After a few years at Boeing he followed friends into high-tech and eventually ended up at Microsoft working with Lisa. Mike’s wife preferred wine to beer and after many years of brew festivals, a trip to the inaugural wine festival at the original Herb Farm in Fall City, WA followed up by a trip to Napa was all it took; Mike was hooked. In 2006 he started volunteering with local wineries to learn more and in 2009 returned to school completing degrees and certificate programs at NW Wine Academy/SSCC and later with Washington State University. After a viticulture internship in Prosser, WA Mike landed a full-time Asst. Winemaker role with Gorman Winery where he had previously volunteered at for many years. Mike focuses on grapes sources, oak, equipment and maintenance, sales trips and making balanced wines that meets our goals.