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Silver Mountain Vineyards | Story

Welcome to Silver Mountain, land of breathtaking views and award-winning premium wines.

Mountain Spirit
High in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Silver Mountain visitors enjoy spectacular views looking out over the redwood forests to Monterey Bay.

Jerold O'Brien is a firm believer that the mountain philosophy of independence and challenge produces strong character, both in people and in grapes. These special qualities characterize the Santa Cruz Mountains and contribute to the distinctive mountain flavor of Silver Mountain wines.

Steward of the Land
Top quality fruit produces exceptional wine — and it all begins in Silver Mountain’s certified organic vineyards. Jerold O’Brien has a fundamental concern for the environment and is a proponent of sustainable and organic practices for viticulture and other food sources.

Premium Wines of Flavor and Distinction
Silver Mountain Vineyards’ fine wines are distinguished by the following traits:

    • Handcrafted using the best of old world traditions and new world science.
    • Organically grown in harmony with mother nature.
    • Produced in small lots that capture delicate nuances of flavor.
    • Made with a passion for quality, complexity, purity and richness of flavor.


Family owned and operated businesses are an important part of the US economy. To earn this tag, a winery has two or more family members involved, and the majority ownership lies within the family.


Renewable energy comes from resources which are naturally replenished like sunlight, wind, rain, and geothermal heat. Wineries earn this tag by using renewable energy to help power their operations.

1st Gen

Starting your own business is hard, especially in the wine industry where there are so many uncontrolled variables. Wineries earn this tag if the current owners and operators are also the founders.

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Silver Mountain Vineyards Shipping Policy:

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1-2 Bottles $25.00
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6-11 Bottles $25.00
12+ Bottles $25.00