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James Beard Semi-Finalist in 2019 & 2020

We make small batches of handmade wine; we are minimal interventionists, preferring to do all the work upfront in the vineyard, during the growing season.

With a climate similar to the cool climate regions in Europe, the Fingers Lakes is the perfect place to experiment. We have embraced our terroir and are focusing our efforts on wines that speak to our specific climate and soils. It was important to Michael and I to set us up for the long-term, which is why we became a LEED-gold certified green winery—currently the only one in New York State.

This community and environment is everything I could have hoped for when considering where to experiment, grow and give back.


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Red Tail Ridge Winery

2018 Estate Blaufränkisch Bottle

2018 Estate Blaufränkisch

Aromas of red cherry, plum and pomegranate are contrasted by hints of cedar wood and smoked salt.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 137
$29.97 / bottle
2017 Pinot Noir Bottle

2017 Pinot Noir

Fine tannin texture with notes of cranberry and brown spice in the finish.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 627
$27.97 / bottle
2017 Rebel with a Cause Bottle

2017 Rebel with a Cause

Slightly restrained at initial opening, it opens up and becomes much more expressive in the glass.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 298
$46.97 / bottle
2019 Gewürztraminer Bottle

2019 Gewürztraminer

A fresh, fruit-driven style with balanced aromatics and a clean finish. 1.2% R.S.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 197
$21.97 / bottle
2016 Blanc de Noirs Bottle

2016 Blanc de Noirs

Traditional method. Aromas of rhubarb and strawberry with a yeasty backbone..

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 45
$39.97 / bottle
2016 Sekt Bottle

2016 Sekt

Traditional method. Fine bubbles are elevated by a fresh acidity and a crisp body.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 48
$39.97 / bottle
RTR Classics Pack Bottle

RTR Classics Pack

2017 Dry Riesling | 2017 Rebel with a Cause | 2016 Blanc de Noirs

NY Wine NY
$99.97 3-Pack
($33.32 / bottle)
2018 Dornfelder Bottle

2018 Dornfelder

Intense notes of cherry jam, dried tobacco leaves, and anise are offset by subtler hints of mint.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 101
$27.97 / bottle
2013 Block 907 Riesling Bottle

2013 Block 907 Riesling

500 ml. Aromas of orange marmalade are balanced with sweeter hints of bruised papaya and vanilla.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 127
$35.97 / bottle
Cool Climate Red Pack Bottle

Cool Climate Red Pack

2017 Pinot Noir | 2018 Estate Blaufränkisch | 2018 Dornfelder

NY Wine NY
$79.97 3-Pack
($26.66 / bottle)
2017 Lagrein Bottle

2017 Lagrein

Medium brown spices, blackberry and violet in the nose, wet moss.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 83
$49.97 / bottle
2017 Dry Riesling Bottle

2017 Dry Riesling

A classic FLX Riesling. Ripe stone and orchard fruit with an icy mineral edge and crisp finish.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 838
$22.97 / bottle
2016 Sparkling Rosé Bottle

2016 Sparkling Rosé

Traditional method. Aromas of ripe strawberry and cherry with hints of Thai basil.

NY Wine NY
Cases Produced Icon 52
$39.97 / bottle

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