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Sebastian & Colleen Hardy Bio

Sebastian & Colleen Hardy

Our vision at Living Roots Wine & Co. is to bring together the best of our hometowns and their surrounding wine regions, which are in vastly different corners of the globe: Rochester, New York and Adelaide, South Australia.

After working for several years in our respective fields of winemaking and marketing, we dreamt up this crazy little business that would allow us to hop between our native hemispheres, making both cool and warm climate wines and sharing them with our family and friends in America and Australia. With the support of our families, we were able to bring this idea to life.

As an homage to our family history and our new [old] industrial home on University Ave, we’re making wine based on longstanding traditions, but with a sense of adventure and discovery. We source grapes from different vineyards and growers, the majority coming from the Finger Lakes and the Adelaide Hills where our families have vineyards. We handcraft our wines in small batches, and each vintage is an opportunity to explore new vineyards, varieties, and styles, while allowing the wines to express their diverse natural environments and origins.

We hope you enjoy!

Sebastian & Colleen Hardy