The AmByth Estate Team

Phillip Hart and Mary Morwood Hart Bio

Phillip Hart and Mary Morwood Hart

Founders/ Owners

Phillip Hart grew up on a sheep farm in North Wales. The first time his father plowed after WWII, he used oxen. These beginnings perhaps led to the desire to grow our products naturally and make pure wine with no chemicals. Phillip speaks at occasional seminars and panels and pours and shares AmByth around the world.

Mary Morwood Hart grew up on a horse and cattle farm in Oklahoma. Her mother was devoted to organic vegetable gardening in their home garden. She attributes her belief in pure farming to witnessing her mom's pursuit of purity on the farm. Mary is Phillip’s other half and helps any way she can. Together, they have a son, Bede, who is homeschooled and lends a helping hand when needed.

Gelert Hart and Robyn Hart Bio

Gelert Hart and Robyn Hart

Vineyard Manager/ Winemaker/ Sales

Gelert grew up on the sunny coast of southern California and completed a Recreation and Tourism Management Degree at San Diego State University. After college, he moved to Montana enjoying and working in the great outdoors and then Hawaii working with the largest food broker for the islands. Gelert came back to his California roots when his father invited him to learn the ways of AmByth and eventually run the vineyard and winery. He knew from an early age he did not want to wear a suit and tie and sit-behind-a-desk lifestyle so outdoor vineyard work and craftsmanship of creating wine is the perfect fit. Learning mostly from Phillip and reading literature, Gelert now carries out all aspects outside and inside, also on the road with pourings and sales.

Robyn is originally from Hawaii and decided to attend college on the mainland in San Diego where she met Gelert. After a stint of fine restaurant management in Montana and working closely with wine selections, finding her role at AmByth seemed second nature. Robyn now enjoys meeting visitors to the estate, pouring intimate tastings, and you can even find her helping in the vineyard and the winery. Gelert and Robyn recently just welcomed the next generation of AmByth with their son Kyler born in March 2018. Gelert and Robyn joined AmByth full time in 2015.