Buy Wine from Sustainable Wineries

Sip Wines selectively partners with small American wineries that share our values of social and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Wine

Sustainable practices help reduce the impact environmental impact of farming, manufacturing, and other industries. These wines are all from certified sustainable wineries.

2019 Estate PTG | 2019 Riesling Pétillant Naturel | 2019 Estate Chenin Blanc | 2019 Rosé Petillant

$105.00 4-Pack
($26.25 / bottle)

A bottle each of our 2017 Chardonnay, Willamette Valley Pinot noir, and Crawford Beck Pinot noir

$100.00 3-Pack
($33.33 / bottle)

A bottle each of our 2017 Willamette Valley, Crawford Beck, & Meredith Mitchell Vineyard Pinot noir

$110.00 3-Pack
($36.67 / bottle)

Pallet of crisp acidity, an array of flavors of apple and pear accented with floral notes.

$55.00 / bottle

Old world appeal, offering up aromas of red currant and marrionberry, accented by earth and spice.

$50.00 / bottle

Soft gold / yellow in color displaying aromas of honeysuckle, vanilla shortbread and ripe pear.

$24.00 / bottle

Copper hue with peach crème fraiche, melon and cardamom aromas followed by red fruit and elderflower

$55.00 / bottle

Shows bright refreshing acid, a mineral note, and flavors of lemon pie with a buttery crust.

$34.00 / bottle

This expressive white wine displays aromas of pear, guava and honeyed peaches and cream.

$24.00 / bottle

This age-worthy Chardonnay offers up bright acidity, ripe kiwi fruit, and a nectary mid-palate.

$24.00 / bottle

Sustainable Wineries

These wineries or the vineyards they source from are certified sustainable by third party organizations.