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Preservation of the land is at the heart of all we do and is a guiding light not only in our farming but in how we support our community and how we make decisions to ensure our choices have the most positive impact on the world we live in.

Medlock Ames

The wineries on Sip Wines have been carefully chosen for their quality of wine, as well as their commitment to environmental and social responsibility. All of the wineries on Sip Wines produce under 25,000 cases annually, and the wines are hand crafted and limited production.

Meet the Winemakers

Meet some of the winemakers on Sip Wines who are producing hand-crafted limited-production wine.
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I am dedicated to preserving the isness of wine, to allow its true varietal expression and the place and time of its origins.

— Nicole Walsh

Owner and Winemaker at Ser Winery
Nicole Walsh, Owner and Winemaker at Ser Winery

Martin Bernal-Hafner, Winemaker at Topel Winery
To us, wine is an ongoing chaptered story that vintage-to-vintage narrates the changes and influences of land, weather, farming practices, and winemaking legacy.

— Martin Bernal-Hafner

Winemaker at Topel Winery

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