Frequently Asked Questions


You will receive an email with the tracking number once your order has been shipped. Since the wine is shipped directly from each winery, you will receive a tracking number for each winery you ordered from.
Once the order has been processed it is currently not possible to update the wines in the order.
If the order has not yet shipped, please contact us at [email protected] and we will see if we can update the address. Once the order has been shipped please contact the carrier to see if they can update the address.
Our wineries will replace any damaged or corked wines, please contact us at [email protected] if your shipment has been damaged. Our wineries currently do not support returns.
Please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to fix whatever issue you have!
Wine is shipped directly from the winery, which means we don’t handle shipping ourselves--each winery has their own shipping arrangements and fees. You’ll see that we’ve included as much information as possible about each winery’s shipping policies when you browse wines. We’re big fans of transparency.
We are not a distributor, so it is up to each winery to select which states they can ship to. There are differing requirements to be able to ship into each state, so not every winery can ship to every state. There are several states that do not allow for DTC wine shipments, please visit to learn more.
Ah, the allure of universal free shipping. Here’s the thing about shipping: it’s never actually free. More often than not, retailers are passing on the cost of shipping to you, the consumer, by increasing prices. Alternatively, they’re absorbing the cost, which is fine for the big e-commerce behemoths--but not always for small businesses. Our small winery partners may be able to offer free shipping on larger purchases (6 or 12 bottles), but it’s almost never feasible for smaller orders. Add to that the fact that wine is heavy and fragile (i.e. harder to transport), and all shipping carriers incur an extra fee for alcohol delivery, and you see how it adds up. This is another way we can support them: by not letting shipping costs deter us from buying their wine!